This two-day event, always held at the corporate headquarters of a company with a world-class security program, couples a highly-interactive workshop to cover management-level aspects of global security operations (Day 1), with a hands-on technology lab to cover all aspects of global technology deployment (Day 2). Seating is limited to 50. Previous events have been held at Adobe World Headquarters (2007), The Home Depot Headquarters (2008), RAND Corporation Global Headquarters (2008), and Yahoo! International Headquarters (2012).

Why Another Security Event?

Security management is being dramatically transformed by a number of factors:

  • Regulatory and corporate compliance requirements
  • The need for an enterprise-wide view of both physical and IT security based upon risk
  • Executive management, Board room and stockholder attention on security
  • Increased security risks
  • Pressures to increase security effectiveness
  • Pressures to reduce and justify costs
  • A wealth of new security technology

The roles of global CSOs and security managers are impacted by these and other changes to the corporate landscape. Recent Security Executive Council research shows that less than 20% of CSOs and security managers have security programs that are well-aligned with the business, yet business alignment is more critical than ever before.

Learn from the Best

Learning from the successful experience of leading global CSOs and security managers is the fastest and soundest way to get a handle on the issues you face today.

This event brings you that experience.

The tech lab incorporates live and fully integrated systems configured just like those in the leading security departments of global companies. You and your key security team members will participate in realistic management and security event scenarios, to experience how today’s leading technology tools can help increase the effectiveness of global operations while reducing total cost of ownership for technology systems.